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Youth Sports Photography in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

I wish all football was played without helmets.  It just makes for better photos when you can see the determination and frustration on the faces of the athletes.  On Monday night I did some youth sports photography in Green Bay at a flag football game at Holy Family School.  It was the red team verses the yellow team.  The red team has a couple of my favorite football players, my niece and nephew Zach and Izzy Kellner (that’s them in the first photo).  Many young photographers think you need to shoot the pros to get good sports photos.  I would have to disagree, some of my favorite sports photos each year come from the couple of youth and high school games that I photograph.

Thanks for looking!


  • Jean - Mike, these are beautiful. Wow!
    Jean Tyrell
    Illinois Turba connection!
    Zack and Izzy are pros!

  • Troy Freund - GREAT images, Mike! What a wonderful variety of expressions! I love their intensity! Great work. 🙂

  • Sister Anne - I love it, Mike! You really captured some of that great intensity that kids have for life! The expressions are awesome. Added a smile to my day.

  • John Turba (Waupaca) - These pictures are amazing! Awesome job. So intense yet so fun. It makes me want to play flag football again… I would agree with your comments – I love seeing the variety of facial expressions!

  • Amy Sehring - Thank you so much!!! LOVED the photographs. You really captured their excitement for flag football. My son’s photo reminded me of the movie Home Alone!

  • Angela Felde (Sheboygan Kellner) - Fantastic shots, and their expressions are priceless! I’m with Joan…makes you want to go out and play.

  • TexasPackersFan - These are beautiful, beautiful photos. (though i’m glad most players wear helmets!)