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Wisconsin Industrial Photography / Manufacturing Photographer

Here are some of my favorite photos from a recent shoot centering on the manufacturing of tanker trailers.  Commercial photography on an active production floor is always a fun challenge.  With this type of industrial photography, you need to keep in mind that you have to work around their production flow and not the other...

Winter Transportation Photography • Transportation Stock Photography

Last week Green Bay, Wisconsin got hit with one of it’s biggest snow storms in history.  Almost 18 inches of snow fell over two days.  I took the snow fall as a chance to refresh my collection of winter transportation stock photography.  If every snow fall could be as photogenic as this snow fall I...

Photos Of The Light And Sound Tunnel at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne Airport.

During a recent layover at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne airport I spent some time in the light and sound tunnel that travelers experience going to and from concourse A.  As a Midwest commercial photographer I spend my share of time waiting for flights on my way to and from assignments and projects.  If the layover is...

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