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I’ve been shooting for the athletic department at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay for 20 years. I’ve seen what I photograph change a little and how the photos get used change a lot.  When I first started shooting for Green Bay athletics, the main usage of the photos was for their media guide.  I remember the day I was told that the university, along with many other schools would no longer be printing a media guide.  I thought that was going to be a major hit to the need for photos.  I, as many other photographers at the time, knew of web sites, but social media wasn’t really even on the radar.

Today I see the photos used all over the place in social media and in some very creative and fun ways.  Sure, the photos still get used in some of the old school applications like newspaper adds and billboards, but the beast that it seems we try to feed these days is the internet and social media and I like that beast.  It’s fun for me to see the creative way the athletic department is using the photos.  

Once a year, I do a shoot for both the men’s and women’s basketball teams.  This year our goal was to shoot every player on both teams on a white background and to get some serious photos, but also to get some fun shots that bring out the personality of the players.  I gave the players a little direction, but for the most part I just let them roll with whatever they wanted to do. A couple of my favorite shots are ones I captured between individual athletes when groups of students would just mess around.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the day.

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