Wisconsin Manufacturing Photographer • Real People In Real Situations

Wisconsin Manufacturing Photographer • Wisconsin Industrial Photographer • I’ve said it before, but I like to brand myself as a “real people in real situations” photographer. A photo shoot I recently did in Illinois for a small manufacturer of fasteners was just this type of job. The plant wasn’t sexy or high tech, but it was real people taking pride in what they do and what they make and my job was to document that. The client wanted a clean simple look with minimal lighting. Luckily I was able to scout the plant before the shoot and was able to pick up on a couple of challenges that we would run in to on shoot day, but with the help of the facility and my assistant we came up with a game plan for shoot day that allowed the shoot to go smoothly.

It’s not always easy to drop in on a person at work and make them comfortable with you taking their photo. That can be even tougher when it’s a hard working person in a manufacturing situation, but I think over the years of shooting jobs like this I’ve become pretty good at winning people over with just a couple words and a friendly smile.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the shoot.

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