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How I’m Doing Six Months After My Accident.

It’s coming up on six months since the fall that broke my pelvis in two spots and cracked two vertebrae, so I thought I’d give everyone another update on my progress. I’m happy to say that I’m up and walking without assistance from a cane or walker and it’s been like that for close to three months. I’ve...

Recovery Is Going Well! How I’m Doing Ten Weeks After Surgery.

Wanted to give people an update on how I’m healing after my fall during a photoshoot the end of October.  Today marks ten weeks since the surgery to repair the two cracks in my pelvis and the one broken vertebrae.  I’ve been able to put weight on my left leg for about eight weeks, but...

Getaway Weekend With My Wife • Maine In Black And White

My wife Judy and I headed to out the Portland, Maine to check out that part of the east coast for a quick, but fun getaway weekend.  Here are a few of my favorite shots from the trip.  I’m lucky to have a visually friendly wife that’s always willing to give me that human element...

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