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Wisconsin Education Photographer – Admissions And Recruitment Photography For Colleges And Universities.

With the great spring weather we have had in Wisconsin I have gotten calls from a couple of the local universities to create photography for their marketing and recruitment pieces.  I have a handful of college and universities that I do this type of photographer for in Wisconsin and Illinois.  I greatly enjoy these types of shoots.  They are generally fast moving and full of happy young people.  Here is a sample of the images.

Thanks for looking!  Mike


  • Sarah Nohr - Awesome stuff, Mike! We just finished up with a college recruitment shoot and this is the direction we were going with for our photos, too. Very natural shots with the students – nothing too posed. I like it!

  • Troy Freund - Wowza, Mike, like Sarah, I agree–awesome work! Beautiful colors and exposure–nice work with the wide-angle lenses. Lots of dynamic images.
    Great job!

  • Michael Wiesman - Nice shot from inside the Mulva Library. I still have to get over there to check out the place.

  • Jenny - Wow, amazing photos! Great job showing off the St. Norbert campus! 🙂

  • Randy tess - These are all fantastic. Warm, inviting and well executed. That second shot makes you just want to be in that place and time….as does the first one down below…nice work as always.