Always Be Prepared For That Unexpected Photography To Happen In Front Of You.

I always try to be prepared for the unexpected that happens in front of me.  I think that comes from my newspaper photography days when I always traveled with a camera loaded with film and set for the proper outside exposure within easy reach of the drivers seat.  As I transitioned into commercial and advertising I slacked on having that camera as easily accessible, but one can still be found not far from me. Funny, the amount of anxiety dreams about missing a shot because I couldn’t unlock my car trunk to get to my cameras, not being able to load my camera with film or some other equipment disaster has significantly declined.  I still keep myself at the ready for that unexpected shot and that’s why you can usually find two cameras slung around my neck when I’m shooting.  One with a Canon 16-35 mm F2.8 wide angle zoom lens and one with a Canon 70-200 F2.8 telephoto zoom lens.  That way if I’m shooting with the wide lens and I see a great opportunity for a long lens shot I’m not fumbling around and switching lenses.

Yesterday while working on a project for a client along the shores of the Fox River in De Pere, Wisconsin just after sunrise I came around the corner of a building and saw a great picture.  I saw this member of the St. Norbert Crew Club heading out.  The sun had just risen and a warm beam of light was coming across the water while the rest of the river was still in a cool blue light with the blue sky reflecting in the water.  Even a a little fog was still hanging just aver the water towards shore.  I picked up my long lens camera and was able to get off two quick frames in a mater of a couple of seconds before the boat was out of the warm light and into the cool blue light and my shot was gone.  Luckily I was ready and reacted quickly and got the shot.  I wish I was this luck every time.

Thanks for looking!


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