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It’s not a new concept; when I shoot an assignment, I get the client the photos they expect and need.  But I also try to be creative and give them something they didn’t expect and hopefully, love.  For a recent industrial photography shoot, we got the client the shots they needed and wanted, but then we had a little down time that we used to find creative ways to light a few areas and capture a different angle and lens compression looks at one of their machines.  For the exterior machine shot below, we backed up and out of the building we were shooting in and set up our camera half way out in a parking lot.  We shot through a large overhead door so that we could capture an image of the machine with a long lens.  Doing this helped clean up the area and bring the focus on the massive scope of the machine.  My assistant was willing to toss on a lab coat and pair of safety glasses and jump in to the shot to help establish the machine’s size in proportion to a person.  For the shot inside the machine, we dug through a grip kit I keep in my truck and found just the right suction cups and mounting systems to mount and hide some small lights to add dimension and color to what could have been a boring photo.

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