Casino Photography at Casino at Ocean Downs / Casino Photographer

Here are some of my favorite photos from a recent lifestyle gaming and casino photo shoot at Casino at Ocean Downs near Ocean City, Maryland.  Gaming photography adds a nice mix to the type of work I do.  We did this shoot while the casino was open as we do with most of these casino photo shoots.  That can add a challenge to keep non model released people out of your shots and finding places for your lights that aren’t in the way of patrons.

I often have other photographers ask how many lights I use for these types of shoots.  We travel with three cases of lighting gear that contains six lights and light modifiers up to a 74″ Elinchrom Octa Light Bank.  We use a variety of colored gels from full CTB cool to  full CTO warm to add more dimension to the photos.  For lenses, we shoot with everything from a 15mm fisheye to a 300mm F2.8 and have a selection of tilt shift lenses to do some selective focus shots.  When I say we, I’m talking about me and my assistant.  Between the two of us, we can carry two computer bags and two roller bags of camera gear on the plane with us and then check the three cases of lighting gear and one suitcase.

This shoot was a one day shoot with four professional models and a great selection of employees that work at the casino.    I will also use my assistant or other people helping with the shoot to place them in front of patrons of the casino so we don’t have anyone in the photos that isn’t model released.

While on this shoot my client, gave me a great compliment.  I can’t remember it exactly, but the gist of it was that to be a good casino photographer or gaming photographer, you have to also be a good producer and that I was.  On these type of shoots, you need to give your models great direction and you need to keep them excited.  You need to keep the shoot fun and high energy.  I would hate to hear a recording of what I sound like on these shoots.  I yell (in a good way) at the models to keep them excited, cheering and looking good.  Yes, I have tossed out the phrase “Show me the money” or “Work it! Work it!”,  but to me it works so much better if the person behind the camera is doing the directing and producing for these types of shoots.

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