Wisconsin Stock Photographer • Photos From Madeline Island • Apostle Islands Photos

My wife Judy and I recently visited the Apostle Islands area of Lake Superior.  On our fist day there, we took the ferry out to Madeline Island and biked around.  I hauled my camera with, but knew it would be a flat light overcast day and probably not great for pictures .  While biking to the ferry to head back to the mainland, the sun broke out of the low hanging clouds for just a couple of seconds.  Luckily we were biking past a park that had a number of sailboats moored not far from the shore.  I yelled to Judy that I would catch up with her and went off road with my bike to get down to the shore as quickly as possible.  I dumped my bike a few feet from the shore and dropped down in to the sandy beach to get as low of an angle as possible.  I had just a couple of seconds to take advantage of this amazing light that was popping a warm glow on to the water in the midst of the cool blue clouds.  As quickly as it appeared, the amazing light vanished and my artistic vision was gone, but I knew I had my shot.   As I headed back to my bike, a gentleman enjoying a beer and a family picnic in the park must have noticed my frantic rush to the shore.  As I walked past him he said to me “not a real good day for pictures, huh!”  I nodded in agreement and said maybe tomorrow, but as most photographers know blue sky, bright sun days can be great for pictures, but are also a dime a dozen.  Unique and fleeting light can set a picture apart and I think on this day I captured exactly that.

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