Combining Landscape Photography and Architecture Photography • Green Bay Photographer

I tend to think of myself as a “people-on location” photographer.  Most of my photography has a person in it and I think I’m good at making the person look their best in photographs.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy shooting the occasional product photography or even architecture photography.  I enjoy landscape photography even if it requires taking on a chilly sunrise along the shore of Lake Michigan.  In the past few months, I was commissioned by two separate clients to do what I would call architectural landscape photography.  Both clients wanted me to shoot bridges.  One of the bridges was over the Mississippi River in Cape Girardeau, Missouri and the client wanted a dramatic shot of the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge at sunset.  The other project was of a bridge – okay, maybe they are called fly over ramps – at the intersection of Highway 41 and 29 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  That client also wanted a dramatic shot of the bridge spans overlapping one another.  

For the job in Missouri, my shooting platform was a helicopter and I needed to negotiate all the hurdles aerial photography can throw at you.  I also needed to do a lot of praying that the extended weather forecast was accurate since the location was 700 miles from my home base and I only had one alternate weather date to push to if needed.  For the the Green Bay shoot, I needed to work with a crystal clear sunrise.  The first handful of mornings that I had planned to shoot the photos, the weather didn’t cooperate either because of some un-forcasted clouds or morning fog.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the shoots.  Thanks for looking!




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