Door County, Wisconsin Winter Lighthouse Photography. Door County Stock Photography

This past weekend my wife Judy and I (that’s her in the first photo) went to Door County, Wisconsin for a little weekend getaway.  Door County is one of our favorite places during all four seasons.  Our first stop was the Sturgeon Bay ship canal on Lake Michigan.  Recent high winds and cold temps created some very cool ice formations on the catwalk going out to the North Pier headlight.  I’ve visited this lighthouse many times during summer and winter to take photos, but I would have to say this is my favorite set of lighthouse photos thanks to the ice.

I was happy with the photos I took with Judy, but I really wanted some blue sky to make the ice pop.  Luckily Monday was a blue sky day and I was free so I trekked back up there.  I spent most of the afternoon watching the light turn from a cool, high noon blue to a golden hour warm just before sunset.

I hope you like the photos as much as I do.


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