Free To Be Creative Without Restrictions Or Expectations.

On Friday night I had an editorial assignment to cover the Green bay Packers intrasquad scrimmage Family Fun Night at Lambeau Field.  I’ve covered this Green Bay Packers event a number in the past and have been very happy with the photos I came away with. On Friday night they limited were we could shoot from which limited the amount of shots we could get.  Before the Packers took to the field they let a couple of youth football teams play in front of the 55,000 some fans.  It was refreshing to see the excitement the young athletes faces and it was refreshing to be able to try and make visually interesting photos and not be worried if I was getting an isolation full length photo of this or that player.  So here is my favorite photo from the night.  I like it, but maybe others think it’s just average.  I think the reason I like it is for those few minutes that night I was free to be creative without restrictions or expectations.

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