Midwest Industrial Photographer • Happy Impromptu Moment

During a recent industrial photography shoot in Mexico, I came away with a shot that I really like. The photo isn’t anything great technically, but a nice moment between a group of happy workers. During a break shooting environmental portraits and video interviews, I ventured around areas like offices, meeting rooms and the lunch room looking for some candid moments. While in the lunch room, I saw this group of workers who had just come in from the production floor eyeing me up and trying to figure out what I was doing. I made eye contact, smiled back, and one of them struck a pose kiddingly for a photo. I shot a couple frames as the rest of the group teased him and then I gave the international arm signal to get together in a group. My sign language worked which resulted in this wonderful, happy impromptu moment with this group of workers. I just love the smiles, the casual feel and the happiness of the group.

Thanks for looking!


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