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Kewaunee, Wisconsin Lighthouse.

Here is a photo of the Kewaunee, Wisconsin lighthouse on Lake Michigan.  I took advantage of  what we here in Green Bay would consider a warm winter day, temps in the upper 20s, to head to Kewaunee to photography the lighthouse just after sunset.  This is one of my favorite photos from the shoot.  For those interested in technical stuff behind the photos.   The photos is a time exposure of 20 second with an aperture of  F22.  The long exposure smoothes out what was rough water and gives that silky look just above the water.

Thanks for looking!


Kewaunee, Wisconsin Lighthouse at just after a winter sunset.

Kewaunee, Wisconsin Lighthouse just after a winter sunset.

  • Troy Freund - Thanks for sharing this one with us, Mike! I love night/dusk-time shots with long exposures like this. Excellent!

  • Tom Lynn - I take it you did not craci through the ice this time.

    Nice image.