Laughter and full-out authentic smiles • Green Bay Wisconsin Corporate Photographer

A few weeks ago I was asked by Bay Tek Games of Pulaski, Wisconsin to shoot a series of portraits of some of their employees.  Bay Tek Games is a designer and manufacturer of coin-operated games, so they wanted a series of fun portraits. The goal of the portrait project was to create images that showed happy, fun employees in an arcade environment.  Bay Tek Games had just opened an arcade in Pulaski so we used that as our environment.

To get the type of photos that we captured, we had to get a little silly.  This gave our subjects permission to be silly too.  The end result was lots of laughter and full-out, authentic smiles that you see captured in these images. We had a happy client and were able to give them the type of images they wanted.  Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot.

Thanks for looking!


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