May You Fetch Much Happiness In The New Year! Happy Holidays From RoemerPhoto.

I think most professional photographers  stress out a little each year on what photo they should put on their Christmas card.  This year my idea came to me while shooting a snowy Green Bay Packers game at Lambeau Field.  A happy picture of my dog Chica running through the snow with a Santa dog toy in her mouth.  I’m not saying that Packers players look like a happy dog while running in to the end zone, but that’s just when it came to me.  On my way home I stopped in to PetSmart and found just the perfect toy.  The next morning I pulled out my Canon 1DX and a 300mm lens and started tossing santa to a very excited lab / border collie mix.  The first couple takes didn’t go so well.  Chica kept on picking up the toy with Santa facing away from the camera.  After a brief conversation with my model she had the concept down and just a couple more tosses and we had a nice selection of option to pick from.  This one was my favorite and it made both my business holiday card and Judy and my personal card.

Thanks for looks and happy holidays!



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