Modeling Portfolio Photo Shoot With Model Amy Hayes

Here are some of my favorite photos I did as a collaborative effort with Wisconsin hair and makeup artist Jai Schmidt of Refashioned by Jai and model Amy Hayes.  Amy approached me about shooting a set of image for her modeling portfolio.  My schedule doesn’t always allow me to do these types of modeling photo shoots, but January is generally a slower time of the year, so I took on the project.  After a meeting with Jai and Amy I knew we would come up with a great set of images for Amy, but also ones that Jai and I could use for our web sites and promo materials.

I think Amy has a look that will allow her to get work from clients looking for someone in her late teens to mid 20s. One of looks that I wanted to show Amy in to set her images apart from what I see on other modeling sites was a young healthcare professional.  I do a great deal of photography for the healthcare industry and I know that clients looking for models with these types of photos get frustrated with the lack of what’s available in modeling portfolios.

I put a couple of the images up on my web site about a week ago and I already scheduled one job from a client looking for that same type of medical look for an ad.  Amy has gotten some very positive responses from some local and regional ad agencies.

This entire shoot from the time Amy arrived at our location to the time she left, took about six hours.  Jai spent about the first hour with Amy going through wardrobe and doing hair and makeup.

Thanks for taking a look!


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