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Hi, I'm Mike Roemer, a commercial, corporate, industrial, agriculture and editorial photographer based in Green Bay, Wisconsin.


I've lived the photography business since childhood, first tagging along during my father's long newspaper photography career before ever carrying my own camera gear. My interest grew as I watched the fascinating process of my dad making black and white images appear while shaking trays of chemicals under the red lights of a developing room.


My professional career started with a ten-year stint as a newspaper photographer meeting tight deadlines, adapting to curve balls and making the famous and not-so-famous comfortable in front of my lens.


I returned to Green Bay in the mid-1990s to start my own business, and now regularly travel around the U.S. and internationally for my clients. I enjoy the creative challenge of combining unusual angles, lighting and lens options to produce the perfect commercial image.


I've won first place awards in Pictures of the Year International, National Press Photographers Best of Photojournalism and National Headliners, along with being a three-time winner in the Pro Football Hall of Fame photo contest.


I love the variety of projects I get to work on, from healthcare organization and foundation annual reports, high-energy casino and gaming shoots, industrial projects at locations as diverse as cheese manufacturers and steel plants, to corporate culture assignments and documenting the Green Bay Packers.


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Green Bay Packers Defeat The Tennessee Titans In The Snow At Lambeau Field

I’m getting terrible on getting these blogs out as quickly as I used to.  Maybe that should be my New Year’s resolution, to post blogs like I was on a daily newspaper deadline.  The editor I work with at the Associated Press is great at quickly releasing my photos and I’m good at posting photos on my social media channels, but I’ve slipped on posting to this blog.

So this past Sunday I got my wish.  The Packers played their last home regular season game in the snow.  It wasn’t a crazy snow storm, but it definitely helped Lambeau Field live up to its name of the Frozen Tundra.  I had a tad of a battle early on in the game between keeping my glasses from fogging over because of my Covid inspired face mask, clearing the viewfinder of the camera of fog from my breath and dealing with snow pelting the front of my lens, but I persevered and and got some decent action shots and snow features.  The snow let up by the second quarter which was kind of disappointing.

The Packers came out ahead 40-14 to maintain their hold on the number one seed in the NFC and they played well in every facet of the game, a game everyone thought would be tight.

So, here are some of my favorite photos.  I promise to get my blog post up quicker from hopefully both playoff games the Packers host on their way to playing in the Super Bowl.

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Green Bay, Wisconsin Editorial Photographer • Green Bay Packers Win Over The Carolina Panthers

One of the nice things about being a Green Bay, Wisconsin editorial photographer is covering the Green Bay Packers. I’ve had a lot of memorable moments covering the Green Bay Packers playing NFL football in my career. Lots of seasons just blend together, but this Covid impacted season will always stand out. After defeating the Panthers last Sunday, the Packers clinched the division, secured their spot in the playoffs and take the lead for the the number one seed in the NFC. We know the Packers will host at least one playoff game and maybe two if they can make it to the NFC championship game. This may sound crazy, but I so hope either this last regular season home game on Sunday night against the Tennessee Titans or a game in the playoffs has a ton of snow. I can just visualize a wide angle shot from behind a few socially-distanced, snow covered fans in the stands, watching the Packers battle it out on a blustery frozen tundra.

Here’s hoping my snow globe wish comes true!

Thanks for looking.


Green Bay Wisconsin Sports Photographer • Photos From The Packers Win Over The Eagles

Better late than never.  Last week got way from me with the hurdles one needs to jump through to get a photo shoot done during Covid times.  So here is the text I started for my blog post last Monday.

Here we are six homes games in to the the Green Bay Packers 2020 Covid altered NFL football season.  I’m very much looking forward to things getting back to normal once we can get Covid behind us, but until then I’m kind of getting used to shooting from the stands with only a couple hundred fans and piped in crowd noise.  When things go back to normal, I will miss a few things.  I do love being a little further back in the end zone and tad higher so I can get shots looking through the receiver to the quarterback.

Unless the Packers completely implode in their last four games of the season, they will win their division and will host a playoff game.  That’s when it will be really sad to not have the stands jam-packed with fans.  Maybe we can have a crazy wild ash snowstorm to make the playoffs more memorable.

Here are few of my favorite photos telling the story of the Packers win over the Eagles!

Thanks for looking!


Green Bay Wisconsin Editorial Photographer • Photos From The Packers Win Over The Bears

The Green Bay Packers allowed fans into the stands at Lambeau Field for the first time this year on this past Sunday in their NFL football game against the Chicago Bears. It was only a couple hundred masked up, social distanced fans, but it made a huge difference in the energy level in the stands. They tried to make it as much of a non-Covid game environment with all the usual fan enjoyment things on the scoreboard and over the sound system. I was really hoping the fans would still bust out with their usual Packers/Bears chant of “The Bear Still Suck”, but sadly that didn’t happen.

Here are few of my favorite photos telling the story of the Packers win over the Bears!

Thanks for looking!


Green Bay Wisconsin Sports Photographer • Photos From The Green Bay Packers vs Jacksonville Jaguars NFL football game at Lambeau Field

Sunday morning I was really having a tough time getting excited to shoot the Green Bay Packers vs. Jacksonville Jaguars NFL football game at Lambeau Field.  My lack of excitement wasn’t just because the forecast called for rain and high winds, but also because the lack of fans and energy in the stadium due to Covid.  Shooting from the stands while trying to keep my glasses from fogging because of wearing a mask has lost its novelty.  When I shot my last Packers game a few weeks ago, I was really disappointed with the photos I got.  This game I moved around more and tried to find find some different angles.  I was happy with some of the different types of shots that I was able to get.  I also got some shots of players wearing masks on the benches.  I think those are important to document this time in the NFL for history.

Here are some of my favorite photos from telling the story of the game!

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