Photo Composition at 72ish MPH • iPhone Photography

Great photography sometimes requires extensive planning and previsualization.  Sometimes great photography requires luck and just being in the right place at the right time.  I’m not saying this photo is great, but I sure like it and I’ve gotten a great deal of positive comments since I posted it to social media.  So here is the back story to the photo.

This summer I’ve been spending a great deal of time working on various projects for a client in southeast Missouri.  I’ve made the 1,400 mile round trip trek with my crew five times so far since the middle of June and we have one more trip to do before the end of September.  Well, when you’ve driven that same stretch of road so many times you can get a little bored and stir crazy.  So, last night around sunset I had woken up from a little nap in the passenger seat as my assistant navigated the truck through central Wisconsin.  The sky looked rather ominous so I grabbed my iPhone to try and get a cool picture of the sky.  I was messing around a little as we hurled down the highway just a tad over the speed limit when I saw a cool looking barn coming up with “Thank You Farmers” painted on it.  My timing is pretty darn good with a DSLR after shooting sports since the mid 80s, but timing a shot with a cell phone is tad of a challenge.  I had one shot at this shot.  I wasn’t going to be able to convince my assistant or stylist to pull over and let me spend some time with the barn.  Well, I got lucky I think.  This is my composition at 72ish mph.

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