Portrait Photography For Green Bay Basketball • Wisconsin Sport Photographer

Being an alumni of the University of Wisconsin Green Bay, the Green Bay Phoenix basketball programs have always been near and dear to me.  I started covering the program as a students in the early 80s and have watched it go from a D3 program to D1.  I was away from Green Bay in the mid 80s to the mid 90s, so I had to watch the “glory years” during the Bennett era for the men’s program from afar.  The women’s program has had a great deal of success and it’s been exciting to watch them put together teams that have made it to the NCAA tournament most years.  The men’s program had one of their players, Alec Brown, get drafted in to the NBA this summer after winning the Horizon League last year; it looks like they can be a serious contender for it again this year with Kiefer Sykes, one of the best guards in the nation, leading the team.

For the past few years, I’ve worked on a sports portrait project (“sportrait”) for the athletic department that is used in different ways to promote the programs.  The students are always a pleasure to work with and it’s enjoyable to bring out a little of their personalty when I put them in front of my lens.  Here is a sampling of some of my favorite photos from a number of different situations we put the athletes through.

I’ll be heading to my courtside shooting position in about a week to start documenting what should be an exciting year.

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