Showing Bobby Around Door County • Door County Wisconsin Lighthouse Photography

With winter finally coming to an end here in Wisconsin, after a long hard season with lots of snow, I took advantage of one of our first seasonably warm days with plenty of sunshine to give my intern a little landscape photography experience in Door County, Wisconsin.  My intern Jayavarapu “Bobby” Prabhakar is from Hyderabad, India and is studying photography at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in Green Bay.  It’s always fun to take a fresh set of eyes up to Door County to experience the beauty of the area and having that fresh set of eyes be a photographers makes it even more enjoyable.

Our first stop was The Sturgeon Bay headlight lighthouse on Lake Michigan at the end of the Sturgeon Bay ship canal.  We photographed at this location at both sunrise and sunset and then revisited it in mid afternoon light.  It was interesting and I think a good learning experience for Bobby to see how the light changed on our subject throughout the day from the hour before sunrise to minutes after the sun had set.

We also visited and photographed at the  Cana Island lighthouse, Cave Point, Whitefish Bay Sand Dunes, Peninsula State Park (we even climbed the tower to get the shot of an iced in Horseshoe Island), the road to the ferry dock at the tip of the Door County Peninsula in North Port and then back down to Sturgeon Bay.  Along the way I shot a couple photos of Bobby to document his day, those shots are at the end of the blog.

So, here are a few of my favorite photos from our late winter day of photography in Door County, Wisconsin.

Thanks for looking!


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