Texas In Black And White • Midwest Travel Photographer

During a recent industrial photography photo shoot near Stephenville, Texas, one of my responsibilities was to get out into the community and tell the story of the city and surrounding area. My assistant and I traveled the back roads of rural Texas between shooting for our client at a manufacturing plant and a distribution center.  We weren’t just looking for amazing BBQ, but also for photos that depict life in this part of Texas.  While editing these photos, I played around with a few of them in black and white and really liked the results.  It took me back to the early days of my photography career when all I shot was black and white.  I even had a circular outline in my back jean pocket that everyone thought was from chew, but actually was from a red filter to toss on my wide angle lens when I wanted to darken the sky.  Today I can get that same look with a little help from Photoshop, which is nice.

Here are some of my favorite shots turned black and white.

Thanks for looking!



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