The Kohler International Challenge at Road America.

I don’t think anyone would call me a car guy, but I do appreciate the visual beauty of a fine car.  This past weekend Road America near Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin hosted an annual event that I always try and make it down for.  The Kohler International Challenge with Brian Reman is an amazing weekend of vintage racing that draws cars, drivers and spectators from around the world.  As fun as it is to be at the track I enjoy the Concourse d’Elegance for Race Cars that they have on Friday night in Elakhart Lake and the Concourse d’Elegance for Sports Cars on Saturday night even more.

This year I was only able to make it down for the event on Friday, but still had fun and came away with a few photos I’m proud of.  The thunder the muscle cars from the 70s like the Ford Mustang GT350s and Dodge Challengers make as they come into Elkhart for the concourse event is very cool and to see cars like Ford GT40s, Porsche 356 Speedsters, cars that raced at LeMans, Indy and other historic races is very impressive.  I’m not sure I did justice to how special of an event this is, but here are a few of my favorite shots.  I was even able to capture a little bumping and grinding racing between a Ford GT 350 and GT500 that resulted in one car spinning out and kissing the wall.

Thanks for looking!


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