Wisconsin Photojournalist • The Players’ Smiles Are Just As Big

To me, one of the greatest traditions in professional sports takes place in Green Bay, Wisconsin during Green Bay Packers training camp:  the tradition of Packers players riding kids’ bikes from their locker room at Lambeau Field  to the practice field.  The tradition goes back some 40 or 50 years and occurs before and after every practice during training camp.  Kids whose bikes have training wheels to kids in their teens line up before and after practice with the hope of a player picking their bike as his ride for the day.  Some players strike up a friendship and will ride that kid’s bike each day, but most players pick a new youngster each day.  Most kids run along side the player carrying his helmet, but some will roller blade along side or even stand on foot pegs and hang on.  One thing is for sure – the kids have big smiles as the players ride their bikes, but the players’ smiles are just as big, if not bigger.

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