Trying To Stay Creative During Covid • Green Bay Wisconsin Commercial Photographer

In the last few months as the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the globe, it affected all of our lives in many ways.  As a photographer, it affected my business a great deal.  All of my sports photography work vanished overnight and it has yet to come back; corporate photography jobs got cancelled or pushed back as companies pivoted to employees working from home. And my event photography took a massive hit just as anything that required people to gather got cancelled.  As a creative, I still needed to find an outlet beyond being creative in smoking BBQ.  One area that I was still able to do some work in was my stock agriculture photography.  Luckily, I’ve made some contacts in the area that are nice enough to let me hang out – from a proper social distance – and shoot some photos.  

So here are some of my favorite agriculture photos from the past few months.

Thanks for looking!


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