Wisconsin Architectural Photographer • Using A Drone For Architecture Photography

Wisconsin Architectural Photographer • I was recently contacted by Marc Brummel of Brummel Architectural Group in De Pere, Wisconsin to shoot some architectural photos of one of his recent residential designs.  I’ve done architecture photography of some of Marc’s projects before and he does some very cool work.  This shoot had a bit of a challenge, as the house sat on a rock ledge. To get the type of shots Marc wanted, I would need to fly my drone within inches off the top of some trees.  He wanted the shots at dusk, so I’d need to try and keep the drone steady for a slightly longer exposure for that time of day.

I scouted the project during daylight hours and shot various photos so I could key in with Marc on the exact shots he wanted. I wanted to be as efficient as possible with those last few minutes of dusk, when the sky has that deep blue hue, the lights within the house start giving their nice warm glow and you still have enough ambient light to give detail to the exterior.

On the day of the final shoot, we had some great weather except for higher winds than I had wanted.  I hoped they would die down as night fall set in, but if anything, they picked up.  I still flew the mission, kept things safe and was impressed with how well my DJI Mavic 2 Pro held steady in the wind.  My shutter speed for the main shots was 1/13th of a second; I’ve shot slower than that with the drone, but always in calm winds.  I shot plenty of frames to make sure I had something that would work.  I had a few frames with some camera shake, but more than enough to make my client happy.  

So, here are a few of my favorite shots from the shoot!

Thanks for looking!


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