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I pride myself in giving my clients not only the pictures they want, but also some unexpected photos that I think can be valuable to them. A recent environmental portrait shoot we did for Immel Construction in Green Bay is a great example of that. Our goal was to shoot a series of environmental portraits of various employees. We used various pieces of branded equipment in their yard as a diffused background to give the look of the photos being taken on a job site. Everything came together – from a slight overcast morning to some very cooperative employees. In my opinion we nailed the shoot, and would have had a happy client. We found ourselves with a little down time, however, between subjects. My assistant and I could have sat idle, but I wanted to be productive and had some ideas for creating branding images that might be valuable to my client. Luckily my assistant on that shoot, Matt Ludtke, can pass as a construction worker and is always willing to jump into a shot. Here are a few of those photos. While creating these images, I came up with a few more ideas that I thought would be useful to Immel in addition to the portraits. One of the portrait subjects was willing to be our subject in a few situational photos and generously gave us a couple of extra minutes.

So, here are some of those photos that the client probably didn’t expect to come out of the shoot. In working with Immel over the past few years, they have come to know me and hopefully know that I like to provide a little something extra.

Thanks for looking!


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