Wisconsin Lifestyle Photographer • Helping A Client Build A Library Of Lifestyle Imagery.

I love the mix of lifestyle photography with my other commercial photography and corporate photography projects.  One of my continuing projects is to help the Manitowoc Visitor and Convention Bureau build a library of images of people enjoying Manitowoc and Two Rivers, Wisconsin.  The area has lighthouses, marinas, plenty of parks, historical villages, sand beaches and endless scenic views of Lake Michigan. It can be a challenge to coordinate my schedule with the most scenic winter days – even more challenging to coordinate that with people / models for a last minute shoot.  Just when I thought our chance of having more scenic winter days this year was over, we got hit with a very pretty snow fall early last week.  I reached out to my contact at the Visitor and Convention Bureau, who reached out to his contacts at Pincecrest Historical Village and they reached out to a family they thought would be awesome subjects for a gorgeous winter afternoon photo shoot.  The shoot came together better than I could have hoped; the family was amazing and very visually friendly.

Here are some of my favorite images from the shoot.

Thanks for looking!


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