Wisconsin Manufacturing Photographer • Real People In Real Situations •

I like to brand myself as a “real people in real situations” photographer.  A photo shoot I recently did for County Materials Corporation at a few of their Wisconsin sites was this type of project that I love to work on.  My assistant and I spent a couple of days visiting different sites, checking out various areas and manufacturing processes to create photos to feature their employees.  We went for an available light look and luckily had the type of lighting conditions that allowed us to get our shots without adding much additional lighting which freed up my assistant to shoot some b-roll video .

It’s not always easy to drop in on a person at work and make them comfortable with you taking their photo.  That can be even tougher when it’s a hard working person in a manufacturing situation, but I think over the years of shooting jobs like this I’ve become pretty good at winning people over with just a couple words and a friendly smile.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the shoot.

Thanks for looking!


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