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  • Wisconsin Editorial and Commercial Photographer Mike Roemer’s blog.

    Hi, I'm Mike Roemer, a commercial and editorial photographer based in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

    I've lived the photography business since childhood, first tagging along during my father's long newspaper photography career before ever carrying my own camera gear. My interest grew as I watched the fascinating process of my dad making black and white images appear while shaking trays of chemicals under the red lights of a developing room.

    My professional career started with a ten-year stint as a newspaper photographer meeting tight deadlines, adapting to curve balls and making the famous and not-so-famous comfortable in front of my lens.

    I returned to Green Bay in the mid-1990s to start my own business, and now regularly travel around the U.S. and internationally for my clients. I enjoy the creative challenge of combining unusual angles, lighting and lens options to produce the perfect commercial image.

    I've won first place awards in Pictures of the Year International, National Press Photographers Best of Photojournalism and National Headliners, along with being a three-time winner in the Pro Football Hall of Fame photo contest.

    I love the variety of projects I get to work on, from healthcare organization and foundation annual reports, high-energy casino and gaming shoots, industrial projects at locations as diverse as cheese manufacturers and steel plants, to corporate culture assignments and documenting the Green Bay Packers.

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Here are some of my favorite photos from covering the 2015 Cellcom Green Bay Marathon weekend in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  The weekend is full of great races including a 5K, a kids run, a half marathon and a full marathon.  All of the races run through Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers NFL football team.  I’ve covered the races for their title sponsor, Cellcom, and the marathon all, but one your since it started 16 years ago.  The photos get used in various ways from advertising to social media.  It’s always a joy to photography and a nice break from the commercial photography and editorial photography I do.

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1 Cellcom_Kids Run
2 Cellcom_Marathon
6 Cellcom_Marathon
  5 Cellcom_Marathon 4 Cellcom_Marathon 3 Cellcom_Marathon 7 Cellcom_Marathon 8 Cellcom_Marathon

As a photographer you’re always trying to tell a story through photos.  Last Saturday my job was to tell the story of the Green Bay women’s basketball senior day for one of my higher education photography clients.  I’ve covered a number of these events as a sport photographer for the University of Wisconsin Green Bay and they never disappoint in delivering emotional moments.  The men’s teams are a little more reserved and their emotional expressions more condensed; the women’s tend to include more tears and last a little longer.

On Saturday, Green Bay said good bye to their two seniors, Ellen Edison and Megan Lukan.  Ellen went first with her long list of people that she wanted to thank for her success.  Then came Megan who is from Barrie, Ontario Canada, who has a younger sister, Kaili Lukan, on the team.  Megan knew she could never get through her list without choking up so she recorded it and it played on the big video monitor above the court.  Megan shed a few tears as she watched herself on the monitor and it made for story telling pictures, but when she got around to thanking her family, that’s when things really got emotional.  When she talked about her sister, they met in front of the players bench and hugged.  When she talked about her dad, she made her way in to the stand and sat in his lap.  That was a very touching and emotional moment.  Even with her adult 5’7 frame sitting in her dad’s lap, you could see her as a young girl honoring that special connection with her dad.  Her dad’s expression tied everything together to make it a very memorable moment.

Later that day I posted the photo of father and daughter to my social media accounts and I got a lot of positive feedback, but the comment that meant the most to me was by Megan.  “They say a picture is worth a thousand words…I think this sums up how emotional I was today. Thank you everyone for all your support today and over my career here at Green Bay”.  Megan asked if she could get a print of that frame; that’s definitely a request I will follow through with so they can remember the moment.

The Green Bay women’s team isn’t done for the year.  The Phoenix will be hosting the Horizon League Women’s Basketball Championship. Hopefully I’ll be covering them in the championship game next Sunday.

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Megan Lukan goes in to the stands to hug her dad John during senior day for the Phoenix.

Megan Lukan goes in to the stands to hug her dad John during senior day for the Phoenix.

Megan Lukan hugs her younger sister Kaili.

Megan Lukan hugs her younger sister Kaili.

  • Jerry Mortell - Very nice story Mike. That is why we all play the game. Anyone with children can relate to this. Congrats my friend. Thanks for sharing. Jerry

  • Kathy Larkin - I was there that afternoon to witness this, but from across the gym. Thanks for being an awesome photographer and capturing real and true emotion, in the moment. I have a lump in my throat once again looking at these pictures.

  • Sarah Nelson - This is one of the reasons that I attend the womens’ games – so much heart and emotion in their play and on the team.

  • Glen Tilot - Mike, these pictures are some of your best work yet! You captured not only Megan’s emotions over her four year career but transferred how fans of the Phoenix Wonen feel about Megan’s leadership and tenacity as well.

This past Monday Milwaukee based photographer Tom Lynn and I trekked to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore to photography the ice caves.  I’ve been to the caves a number of times both in the summer and winter, but this was the first time I visited them with photography as my main mission.  It was interesting to visit the sea caves with another photographer and see how they go about documenting the caves.  Tom and I have covered many sporting event together over the years, but in a situation like that you don’t have as much freedom to work your photographic vision as we did on this day.  

Tom  wanted to have as few people in his photos as possible.  I was looking for people in mine for two reasons.  The main reason being that I think having a subject in the shots helps show how big some of these caves are, but also to show the adventure of visiting the caves.

A little background on the sea caves.  The Apostle Islands are a group of 22 islands in Lake Superior, off the Bayfield Peninsula in northern Wisconsin.  The islands and sea caves are part of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.  The best caves in the Apostle islands are on the mainland and west of Bayfield near Cornucopia.  The safest way to access the caves is to park at the end of Meyers Beach road, 18 miles west of Bayfield.  The parking lot is run by the parks department and has stairs down to the beach.  From Meyers Beach it’s about a mile to the start of the caves and the best caves stretch for a couple of miles.  In the summer I suggest going out with one of the many outfitters in the area, if your not an experienced kayaker.  Access to the caves is best on a calm day and to me they are most spectacular when the light hits them towards the end of the day.  In the winter access is controlled by the parks department.  The weather conditions need to be just right for the ice to form around the caves allowing for safe access.  Some years the caves can be open for a few day or a few weeks, but some years they never open.  Be prepared for the walk out.  The surface can be anything from slick ice requiring some type of ice cleats to possibly snow shoes.  To find out if the caves are open visit the parks department web site or their Facebook page.

Here are some of my favorite photos of the ice caves.



10 Apostle Islands IceCaves 11 Apostle Islands IceCaves 12 Apostle Islands IceCaves 13 Apostle Islands IceCaves 14 Apostle Islands IceCaves 15 Apostle Islands IceCaves 16 Apostle Islands IceCaves 17 Apostle Islands Ice Caves 18 Apostle Islands Ice Caves 19 Apostle Islands Ice Caves 20 Apostle Islands Ice Caves 21 Apostle Islands Ice Caves 22 Apostle Islands Ice Caves 24 Photos of  Ice Caves 25 Photos of  Ice Caves 26 Photos of  Ice Caves 27 Photos of  Ice Caves 28 Photos of IceCaves 29 Photos of IceCaves 30 Tom Lynn


  • Anne Turba - Mike, Wow! Absolutely fantastic shots! I could see them all framed and hanging on a wall. Thank you for venturing out and capturing the beauty.

On Saturday afternoon the Green Bay mens basketball program had senior day for four of their players.  One of the players they recognized was Keifer Sykes.  The point guard from Chicago is considered one of the top point guards in the country and is the second highest scorer in program history.  The number one scorer in program history is Tony Bennet, who went on to play in the NBA and is currently the head coach at Virginia.

It’s been great watching Sykes play these past four years and photographing him not only on the court, but also working on various portrait projects involving him.  As a sports photographer you try to capture more then just the action moments, but also those story telling non action moments.  On Saturday I captured a non action moment that I”m proud of as Sykes gets introduced during player introductions.  I love the light and the way the other players are smiling, it all just came together.  

Thanks for looking!


Photo of Keifer Sykes


It’s that time of the year again – time for me to post my best of year end blog.  2014 was a little different for me than past years.  I did less healthcare photography, but way more industrial photography.  I wore more steel tipped shoes and safety glasses, and less hospital scrubs and surgery masks.  I really enjoyed shooting the manufacturing photography that we did.   I got to see many cool and interesting things and made some nice images that my clients loved, but sadly I can’t share many of them due to confidentially and non-disclosure agreements.

One of the most interesting shoots we did was at a manufacturing facility that makes and fills propane tanks.  When I say we, I’m referring to myself and my crew:  assistants Matt Ludtke and Todd Truttman and my main hair and makeup artist, Jai Schmidt.  I’ve worked with these three for the majority of my freelance photography career.  We had to use an intrinsically safe and explosion proof camera.  When your main directive for a shoot is to not let anything electronic get lower than four feet from the ground, it adds a little excitement.
In 2014, we shot more video than in the past and a couple of those shoots were pretty interesting.  On one shoot, we had seven video cameras rolling from different angles as a tanker truck was imploded.  On another shoot, we did a stop motion time lapse piece from multiple angles of a mobile bio lab getting prepared for shipment.
As I look through my favorite photos from the past year, I also see that a number of them were shot with my iPhone.  As the old saying goes “the best camera you have is the one you have with you”.  Not sure I would have dug out my DSLR when I saw that tree frog crawling up our kitchen window early one summer morning while I sipped my coffee, but it turned out to be a fun shot.  That’s not the only smart phone photo in this blog.  The shot of the maple leaf on the black background I shot as I trotted down my driveway with Chica for a walk on a rainy afternoon.
In 2014, Judy and I completed our first placement as foster parents.   As a photographer, one of the rules of foster parenting was a tad difficult for me.  You can take pictures of your foster child, but you can’t share them on social media and you sure can’t add them to you stock photography portfolio.  It would have been great to share some of those photos on Facebook and Instagram, but it probably meant more to see those images decorating the birth parents’ home.  I was able to use one of the shots of our foster son since it was a silhouette.  That shot is posted below and it’s a moment I’m very glad I documented. The photo is from Sunset Beach in Fish Creek in Door County, Wisconsin.  While most sunset viewers that night kept far away from the chilly waters, our young man pulled up his shorts and waded out in to the shallow waters and just enjoyed the moment.  Photos from water adventures are plentiful in this post and the majority of them are from adventures with Judy in Wisconsin, Michigan and our end of the year trip to Key West, Florida.
The year end best of photos is also heavy with sports emotion, both jubilation and anguish.  Green Bay Packers games are always great for showing sports emotion, but one of my favorite events to cover is the Wisconsin State Girls Basketball Tournament.  The girls aren’t shy about showing their feelings, whether happy or sad.
One of my favorite photos, and the one I will probably remember even after the others have faded from my portfolio, was one of my final shots of the year.  The photo is the last shot in the blog and it’s a picture of my parents enjoying a before dinner margarita on our final night of our Christmas adventure to visit them in Florida.  I think the photo is a great capture of the two of them together. My dad might think it would be more accurate if he had a brandy and water and my mom was holding a martini.
Thanks for looking!
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