Building A Library Of Images • Midwest Industrial Photographer

Other than my hair not doing very well when I need to wear a hardhat all day, I love to shoot industrial photography.  Here are shots from a recent commercial photography photo shoot I did for a corporate client to help them build a library of images for their web site and social media.    We shot all of these on a working plant floor without interrupting their production.  I think the reason I like these shots best is that I was able to either draw out a little of the personality of the employee or I was able to bring in a graphic element.

Thanks for looking!



10 Industrial_portrait_photographer11 wisconsin_Industrial_photographer13 Michigan_Industrial_photographer14 Midwest_Industrial_photographer17 Midwest_Manufacturing_photographer16 Wisconsin_Manufacturing_photographer15 Minnesota_Industrial_photographer12 Illinois_Industrial_photographer18 Midwest_Manufacturing_portrait_photographer

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