Taking On A Large Scale Product Photography Project – Wisconsin Product Photographer

Earlier this year I was approached to take on a rather large product photography project.  The project consisted of around 600 different product numbers.  The final files all needed to be on a white background with a clipping path and a drop shadow added.  To complicate things, some of the product numbers had multiple items in them with different reflective qualities; this made lighting the objects an even bigger challenge.  To keep me learning and happy as a photographer, I like to be shooting a variety of things.   My “brand” of work is often thought of as capturing people more so than products.  I knew this project was large and would require more than just my skills, so I reached out to others within my professional circle that have the skill set to help Mike Roemer Photography deliver the quality of images the client required.  The first person I contacted was Bill Dais of Dais Design who I’ve worked with over the years on various projects, a number of them industrial and product photography projects similar to this.  The next step in assembling my team was a little tough to swallow; I also brought in someone else as the actual photographer.  I reached out to Todd Truttmann, a product photographer based in Green Bay and someone with a great deal of experience shooting products for companies like Target.  Todd and I have known one another since our college days.  When Todd’s not shooting, he’s even nice enough to assist me on various commercial shoots as a lighting assistant.  Todd has an arsenal of tricks he uses with various lighting techniques that made this project shine.  Having Todd as the photographer allowed me to serve as the project manager and digital tech to make sure we kept things flowing without a hitch.

In the end after we jumped over a few hurdles, I think we made some nice images and most importantly, we had a happy client.  Below is a sampling of the variety of images.

Thanks for looking!

10 Green Bay Wisconsin Product Photographer11 Appleton Wisconsin Product Photographer12 Milwaukee Wisconsin Product Photographer13 Madison Wisconsin Product Photographer14 Wisconsin Product Photographer15 Wisconsin Product Photographer16 Wisconsin Product Photographer17 Wisconsin Product Photographer18 Wisconsin Product Photographer19 Wisconsin Product Photographer20 Wisconsin Product Photographer21 Wisconsin Product Photographer22 Wisconsin Product Photographer23 Wisconsin Product Photographer24 Wisconsin Product Photographer


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