Green Bay Packers Defeat The Tennessee Titans In The Snow At Lambeau Field

I’m getting terrible on getting these blogs out as quickly as I used to.  Maybe that should be my New Year’s resolution, to post blogs like I was on a daily newspaper deadline.  The editor I work with at the Associated Press is great at quickly releasing my photos and I’m good at posting photos on my social media channels, but I’ve slipped on posting to this blog.

So this past Sunday I got my wish.  The Packers played their last home regular season game in the snow.  It wasn’t a crazy snow storm, but it definitely helped Lambeau Field live up to its name of the Frozen Tundra.  I had a tad of a battle early on in the game between keeping my glasses from fogging over because of my Covid inspired face mask, clearing the viewfinder of the camera of fog from my breath and dealing with snow pelting the front of my lens, but I persevered and and got some decent action shots and snow features.  The snow let up by the second quarter which was kind of disappointing.

The Packers came out ahead 40-14 to maintain their hold on the number one seed in the NFC and they played well in every facet of the game, a game everyone thought would be tight.

So, here are some of my favorite photos.  I promise to get my blog post up quicker from hopefully both playoff games the Packers host on their way to playing in the Super Bowl.

If you’d like to see more blog post with my Packers photos please visit this link.

Thanks for looking!


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