Green Bay Packers Defeat The Carolina Panthers

One of the nice things about being a Green Bay, Wisconsin editorial photographer is covering the Green Bay Packers. I’ve had a lot of memorable moments covering the Green Bay Packers playing NFL football in my career. Lots of seasons just blend together, but this Covid impacted season will always stand out.

After defeating the Panthers last Sunday, the Packers clinched the division. This secured their spot in the playoffs, and take the lead for the number one seed in the NFC. We know the Packers will host at least one playoff game. Maybe two if they can make it to the NFC championship game.

This may sound crazy, but I hope this last regular-season home game on Sunday night against the Tennessee Titans or a game in the playoffs has a ton of snow. I can just visualize a wide-angle shot from behind a few socially-distanced, snow-covered fans in the stands, watching the Packers battle it out on a blustery frozen tundra.

Here’s hoping my snow globe wish comes true!

Thanks for looking.



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