Green Bay Wisconsin Sports Photographer • Photos From The Packers Win Over The Eagles

Better late than never.  Last week got way from me with the hurdles one needs to jump through to get a photo shoot done during Covid times.  So here is the text I started for my blog post last Monday.

Here we are six homes games in to the the Green Bay Packers 2020 Covid altered NFL football season.  I’m very much looking forward to things getting back to normal once we can get Covid behind us, but until then I’m kind of getting used to shooting from the stands with only a couple hundred fans and piped in crowd noise.  When things go back to normal, I will miss a few things.  I do love being a little further back in the end zone and tad higher so I can get shots looking through the receiver to the quarterback.

Unless the Packers completely implode in their last four games of the season, they will win their division and will host a playoff game.  That’s when it will be really sad to not have the stands jam-packed with fans.  Maybe we can have a crazy wild ash snowstorm to make the playoffs more memorable.

Here are few of my favorite photos telling the story of the Packers win over the Eagles!

Thanks for looking!


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