Green Bay Wisconsin Commercial Photographer and Wisconsin Editorial Photographer Mike Roemer • Best of 2013 • Photos That Are Important To Me.

It’s that time of the year again, time for me to post my best of year end blog.  2013 was a year I won’t soon forget with the international and national recognition that I received for a photo I took in 2012.  The photo of Donald Driver doing a Lambeau Leap at a Packers game won a first place award in the Pictures Of The Year International contest and the National Press Photographers Best of Photojournalism.  It also won a third place for feature photos in the Pro Football Hall of Fame photo contest.  I don’t have a photo that ‘leaps” out like that in 2012, but I do have number I’m proud of.

As I look through the photos I have a number I’m proud of and happy to post of my commercial photography, but what jumps out to me is the emotion I was able to capture in the sports photography.  A majority of those photos are from Green Bay Packers games, but also from covering running races, state basketball championship or even the Indianhead Mountain Slush Cup.

I traveled to Europe with Judy to visit family last year and while there I worked on a manufacturing photography project for one of my clients, but while in Europe I shot some of my favorite travel photography.  To prove you don’t have to travel far, I even shot one of my favorite photos from the comfort of my office chair as an owl perched on a tree and kept an eye on me.

In 2013, I also said good by to my first intern. Prabhakar “Bobby” Jayavarapu, a student at a local tehnical college, was along side me for a number of these photos.  Bobby spent a year here as a foreign exchange student from Hyderbad, Indian.  He was with me for the first shoot of the year when we braved chilly winter temps along the shores of Lake Michigan for a polar bear plunge, but that wasn’t the last of his exposure to the cold.  He bundled up in the back seat of a Cessna as we shot some winter aerial photography with the window open and he watched the sunrise over Lake Michigan with me as we did a little winter landscape photography.  Bobby is back in India starting his own photography career, but we do keep in touch.

So, here are my some favorite photos of 2013 – photos that are important to me.

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