Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary Video

To survive one most evolve. For a photographer in today’s world part of that evolving and surviving is learning how to shoot and edit video. For the past few years I’ve been shooting some short interviews and b-roll pieces for clients when asked and I’ve done a few time lapse movies. Last fall I mentioned to the public relation and marketing people for a cause I believe greatly in that I would like to do a multi media piece for them. I’d been doing still photography for various projects of theirs for the past few year. The organization Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary is near and dear to my heart. The no-kill shelter is based about an hour north of Green Bay, but has a satellite adoption center here in Green Bay and is the shelter we got our dog from.

I created this piece with some of the still photography I’d been doing over the years and with the help and collaboration of my assistant Matt Ludtke and my intern Jayavarapu “Bobby” Prabhakar we shot some additional b-roll, did a two camera interview and edited this piece.

I’m happy with the piece for out first attempt of something like this, the shelter is very happy to have it as a piece to tell their story and we learned a great deal that we will be able to apply as we move forward.

Take a look and let me know what you think.



Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary from Mike Roemer on Vimeo.

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