Wisconsin Sports Photographer • Sportrait Photo Shoot • Athletic Portraiture For Green Bay Phoenix Basketball

For the past couple of years I have had the opportunity to work on a portrait project on the Green Bay Phoenix D1 basketball teams.  The project has it’s constrains on time, location and budget, but other than that I can be as creative as time allows.  I usually only get an hour for two players and I need to get 3 or 4 different situation per player and a couple shots of the two together.  My assistant and I set up a number of shooting areas that will easily allow us to move around and get the variation of shots the client wants.  All of that prep of lighting and previsualization is very important, but the other very important thing is to make the subjects feel comfortable in front of the camera and to bring out their personality.  That can be tough to do in a limited amount of time, but for this project the athletes were great to work with and I think I captured their personalities.  When you get a seven footer Alec Brown breaking out in an impromptu juggling of three basketball, sisters Megan and Kaili Lukan teasing one another like sisters do or Breannah Ranger tossing out her big laughing smile and messing around it takes some of the pressure off the photographer.

Here are a few shots from my sportrait photo shoot with the athletes.

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