St Norbert College Graduation • Higher Education Photographer

This past weekend I covered a graduation ceremony for one of my higher education photography clients at St Norbert College in De Pere, Wisconsin.  Beautiful day for photography, bright blue skies, we didn’t have hurricane force winds like last year, happy students and families and colorful mortar boards.  I would say 2012 was the year of the decorated mortar board at SNC.  In past years a handful of students would decorate their mortar boards, but this year it was tough to make a picture without a decorated mortar board in it.  I’m still trying to figure out what some of them mean.
As I was editing out my favorite photos for the blog I reflected back on to the graduations I covered back in my daily newspaper days.  As a photojournalist you never want to influence a photography.  You never want the subject to act to the camera.  When covering an event like this for a university I think it’s okay if the subjects act to the camera.  Not that you need the subjects to act to you because you can just hang back and wait for the subjects to act to the other cameras from their families and friends.  My two favorite shots, the two with the stiff airborne guys, came from just hanging back and seeing these special moments happen.
Thanks for taking a look!

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