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I recently had a magazine shoot in a remote area near Munising, Michigan to shoot a portrait for a story on a couple from New York that had moved to a cabin in the woods for a year. The client had examples of the type of shot they wanted, showing the subject in a relaxed pose, and addressing the camera with the cabin behind them. I got plenty of those shots, but I had a little bit of the subjects’ time left and they were more than willing to let me try one more shot. For this shot, I used my drone so I could get about 30 feet in the air and look down on them standing on the front porch with the cabin and its environment around them. During the time of day we shot, the front porch and the camera side of the cabin were in shadow rimmed by the late morning light from the east, which made the background bright and contrasty. Not exactly the most friendly of exposures, but with the dynamic range of the sensor in the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and just the right amount of toning in Adobe Camera Raw, I was able to get a shot I really liked.

I’m finding more and more uses for the drone and I’m starting to feel that I always need to pack it as necessary gear for just about any shoot. 

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