Wisconsin Sports Photographer • The Greatest Tradition In All Of Sports

I may be biased since I grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin and I cover the Green Bay Packers as a Wisconsin sports photographer, but one of the greatest traditions in the NFL and maybe in all of sports is players riding kids bikes to practice. Here are some of my favorite photos from covering the tradition on the first day of trying camp for the 2019 season. One news report said the first kids lined up their bikes before sunrise today for the mid-morning practice.

When players come out of locker rooms at Lambeau Field to head to practice they are greeted by a swarm of kids and their bikes anxiously waiting for a player to pick them and their bike to accompany them down through a line of fans the few hundred yards to the practice field. Some players will pick out a player early on in camp and go with that kid every day. Some players will pick a new kid each practice. Not all players take this route to practice like some of the star players like quarterback Aaron Rodgers since he would be swarmed by fans and never make it to practice, but before he became the star he is today he was out there enjoying this great tradition like all the lesser-known players are today.

The event has become more corporate and more organized over the years, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is the huge smiles on not just the kids’ faces, but also the players’ faces.

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